The opinion polls have been suggesting it for a few weeks and the latest survey conducted has now confirmed it. The attempt by the three stooges (Georgie, Ed and Danny) to bully Scotland into believing that a currency union will not happen is complete bluster. The people of Scotland can see right through their feeble attempt to scare Scots into voting No. Scots do not believe them and it is becoming clear that the No campaign “Project Fear” is failing. It has been blindingly obvious that a currency union is quite feasible and that the only potential blocker is the intransigence of the No campaign and its desire to derail independence. However, the Scots are not that daft! A Times/YouGov poll published in the last few days has identified that 45% of Scottish voters believe that the three stooges pronouncement was nothing more than a cynical ploy to frighten voters away from independence. These voters believe that a currency union will be agreed if Scotland votes for independence. Only 40% of voters believe that the Westminster cabal will attempt to block a currency union if Scotland votes Yes.


At the same time as these poll results were being released the Guardian was claiming that a “government Minister at the heart of the pro-union campaign” had declared that “of course there would be a currency union”. This minister acknowledged that there would be tough negotiations after a Yes vote but that deals, including a currency union, would all be agreed. “Saying no to a currency union is obviously a vital part of the No campaign … but everything would change in the negotiations if there were a Yes vote”.


There are even more indications that the No campaign is starting to wobble. Willie Rennie, the Scottish LibDem leader, has acknowledged that there is a “distinct possibility” that Scotland could vote for independence. Rennie made this statement whilst acknowledging that the extremely negative campaign, “Project Fear”, that has been mounted by the No campaign is in danger of failing.  He argued that the No campaign now needs to develop a more positive approach to the independence debate. The big problem for Rennie and the No campaign is that they do not have a positive story to tell! The No campaign has completely failed to develop a positive alternative vision for Scotland if it remains within the Union. This is not a surprise, the No campaign is a cobbled together assortment of competing views and opinions that are only united in their efforts to undermine Scotland’s belief that it can manage its own affairs. As Jonathan Freedland recently observed “As for offering positive alternatives, that too has inevitably proved beyond Better Together – inevitable because it is a coalition of three parties that could never hope to set out a single, united vision of the UK”.


So we now have the confirmation that “Project Fear”, the attempt by the No campaign to scare Scots away from independence, has failed. All that “Project Fear” has accomplished is to clearly demonstrate the contempt that the UK establishment has for Scotland.  In fact, rather than scare Scots away from independence it has convinced even more Scots that independence is the only viable option for a vibrant and prosperous Scotland. So the big “game changer” attempted by the three stooges has turned out to be nothing less than a big balls-up!

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