A Union of Equals has just been launched with almost eight hundred proposal documents being sent to MP’s at Westminster and MSP’s at Holyrood. Seven hundred and seventy nine labels stuck on envelopes, letters signed, and envelopes dispatched. My hand hurts as much as it did the last time I got 2000 lines!


So what’s it all about? Well it’s all about trying to make sure that there is a full and inclusive debate about the options that should be considered for Scotland’s future now that the independence referendum debate is starting to build up steam. It’s about trying to ensure that the debate does not get hijacked by the politicians which could result in Scots being presented with just two options; independence, take it or leave it! Most importantly it’s about trying to make sure that the people of Scotland don’t just sleepwalk into another 300 years of the inequitable Union that exists today. Inequitable Union! Yes, that’s what the evidence suggests when you start to dig into it.

So if it’s not to be another 300 years of the same old decaying Union, and if too many Scots are too feart to tick the box for independence, then what are the other options? The big ticket item being considered today is Devo Max (Full Devolution), but his option is still based on the dodgy deal done in 1707. It will continue to have all the same problems that the current Union has today. Scotland will not have an equal voice; Westminster will still have ultimate control and will still be able to veto anything that it does not like; Scotland will continue to be shoehorned into inappropriate and damaging “one size fits all” economic policies. It is also highly unlikely that the full set of powers that Scotland desperately needs to develop its economy and prosperity will be devolved; Westminster will insist on retaining critical reserved powers.


If Scotland wants a better deal, but not full independence, then Devo Max will just not deliver the goods, something more radical is required. That’s what A Union of Equals is all about. It’s a proposal for a new and equitable Union between Scotland and England that recognises both nations as equal partners. It’s about creating a Union that will satisfy the desire of most Scots who wish for full independent control over their own affairs, whilst also meeting the desire of those who wish to maintain a Union between England and Scotland. It’s the “everybody wins” solution for Scotland’s constitutional future.

So if you want to know more about it and follow the discussion and debate that is being kicked off today, this is what you can do:

  • Read the website and download the proposal document; http://www.a-union-of-equals.com/downloads/
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  • Follow the discussion of Facebook http://www.facebook.com/AUnionOfEquals, and please hit the Facebook “Like” button to get the discussion onto the Facebook radar screen (even if you hate the proposal or think it is the daftest thing you have ever read!);
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  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues all about it; get them to hook-up too.


This is the first time in 300 years that all the people of Scotland will have their chance to say what they think about the Union with England. Shout out loud! It might be another 300 years before you get another chance.

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