There will be equitable funding for the new United Kingdom government

Today, one of the most common criticisms of the current Union is the perceived disproportionate funding received by Scotland. In the new Union this situation will not exist simply because the governance of Scotland will not be funded by a UK government. In the new Union both nations will fund both themselves and the new United Kingdom administration in an appropriate and equitable manner. The funding of the United Kingdom administration will be based on the funding mechanisms that are already used to fund the EU. The EU obtains its funding from a number of sources but the principal source, estimated at 70% of total revenue in 2007, is the collection of revenue based on the gross national income (GNI) of each member state. At present the uniform percentage rate that is applied to the GNI of each nation is 0.73% (Europa, 2012b),

This will be the primary mechanism used to fund the new United Kingdom administration. An appropriate uniform percentage rate will be agreed to establish the contribution to be made by both Britain and Scotland to maintain the new United Kingdom administration.