The new Union could incorporate all UK nations

This blueprint has focused on the creation of a new Union between England and Scotland and no consideration has been given to the other nations of the UK. However, the impact that a new Union between England and Scotland will have on the other nations will need to be considered. This blueprint provides no recommendations on this. It will be for the other UK nations to negotiate their relationship with England and the new United Kingdom. One outcome from these discussions could be that there will be no change to the existing relationships. However, the new Union between England and Scotland could lead to an even more radical change of relationship between all the nations of the United Kingdom.

The new structure of government proposed in this blueprint could easily be adapted to incorporate other nations of the UK, as equals, each with their own parliament and with ministers in the new United Kingdom Cabinet. It would be quite simple for the new Union of two to become a new Union of two or more. If this were to happen the structure of the new Union could take a form similar to that illustrated in figure 3

Figure 3 – An Extended Union of Equals - The United Kingdom Structure of Government (Simplified View)

Creating a Union of British nations on the basis of the proposals in this blueprint would establish an innovative model of government. This model of government would result in a fundamental change to the relationships between all the nations of the UK. It would create a state where the aspirations of those seeking self-government would be fully attained whilst maintaining a strong united bond between the nations that share the British Isle. It would truly be a Union of Equals